Cycle Shelters for Schools: Making the Most of Your Investment

Installing a cycle shelter in your school makes excellent sense. Not only does it provide students with a secure place to lock up their bikes, but more importantly, it helps to encourage them to get active; and there’s a lot of advantage in that! In fact, researchers from the University of Illinois found that children who exercised regularly had better … Read More

Help Employees Get Healthy With a Cycle Shelter

The UK is currently a nation in the midst of an obesity pandemic. According to the NHS, as many as a quarter of the adult population are clinically obese; which of course, means higher risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes. As a result, many companies and organisations across the country are exploring ways of motivating staff to get … Read More

Spruce Up Your Business Premises With An Entrance Canopy

How can you ensure the success of your company? This really is the ‘million-dollar question’ and one that every good business-owner seeks to address as they develop and expand their enterprise. In this technological age, it’s all too easy to focus solely on online presence. We’re told so frequently that our websites are our online ‘shop-fronts’ that we invest significant … Read More

Outdoor Classrooms: Bringing Education Outdoors

According to a recent study, most children would rather read, help with housework or even do their homework than play outside. The study, which was carried out by JCB Kids, revealed that 43% of parents think their children would rather watch television than play outdoors and a third claimed their kids would only be interested in going outside if it … Read More

Use a Covered Walkway to Keep Your Building Entrance Safe

As the owner of a business, it’s your responsibility to protect both your staff and customers as well as you possibly can. Health and safety regulations stipulate that you must take certain measures to prevent accidents and illnesses wherever you’re able to and if you’re found to be negligent in providing the right protection, you’re at risk of prosecution. Whilst … Read More

School Canopies Encourage Outdoor Activity

In 2014, The National Trust conducted an extensive survey involving 7,000 children and 1,000 parents and grandparents. According to the researchers involved, the purpose was to try to gain insight into how much time children spend outside and compare it to previous generations. The results were nothing short of alarming. According to the results generated, most children are outside for … Read More

Teen and Youth Shelters

Teen and youth shelters provide young people with a place to meet, chat and relax under cover. Whatever your budget, Canopies by Acer provide a great range of products to encourage positive communications and community relations. Available in a range of styles, sizes and colours the shelters are manufactured to be vandal resistant and are built to withstand the elements … Read More

Well, how was it for you?

What did you do this Bank Holiday Weekend? It is the last one until Christmas so we hope it was a good one however you spent it. An article in The Metro newspaper the end of last week poked fun at the nation questioning why, after weeks spent working we would choose to spend a long weekend getting rained … Read More

A classic question…

When does a classic become a classic? Now there is a good question. “Exemplary or noteworthy” is the definition from one source, a kind of quality that is “demonstrably enduring” argues the dictionary. “It has to stand the test of time” claims an online English language discussion forum. So from cars and clothes to novels and pieces of music, how … Read More

Things are hotting up!

If you are not a fan of the hot and humid weather you will be glad to hear that temperatures are going to fall back a little over the next few days. But it is set to return soon and as people across the country battle to keep cool many have been looking to Canopies By Acer for solutions and … Read More