A classic question…

When does a classic become a classic? Now there is a good question. “Exemplary or noteworthy” is the definition from one source, a kind of quality that is “demonstrably enduring” argues the dictionary. “It has to stand the test of time” claims an online English language discussion forum.

So from cars and clothes to novels and pieces of music, how does a classic become a classic?

In the case of the Canopies by Acer product range, our ‘classics’ include the Carolina Pram and Bike Shelter and Mulberry Canopies, all of which have become popular choices with our clients.

From one off custom designed solutions to off-the-shelf classics, all of our installations reflect the very best in quality craftsmanship, so what makes some more popular than others?

Customer testimonials and feedback tells us that they provide fantastic additions to buildings and excellent value for money without compromising on quality.

Our classics also provide unlimited flexibility and can be amended to capture any look that you are after. From your brand-colours to made-to-measure additions including lighting and notice boards, they are sure stand the test the test of time and will not go out of fashion anytime soon.

Now that is definitely a classic if you ask us.