Short of space and feeling the squeeze?

It is the time of year when most schools start thinking about balancing the budget and planning finances for the next financial year. If like many, you are short of space and feeling the squeeze, our range of covered play spaces and outdoor classrooms can provide an alternative teaching environment that help to engage children without the need for building … Read More

Start something wonderful…

For the sake of argument, let’s say that the national press reports are true – January is the month when single people firmly resolve to look for love. It stands to reason then that anyone who has been day dreaming and doodling about romance and stars for the first few weeks of the year is going to want to look … Read More

Making (Hay) Canopies While the Sun Shines

Welcome to the second blog of June and before we get started we must apologise to all of our clients who rushed to have a sports shelter installed due to sheer World Cup Fever! There is always 2018 and you can use it for all sports! But moving swiftly on, last Saturday was the June solstice, marking the longest day … Read More

Don’t let pick-ups drop off with our canopies and shelters!

It is one of those questions to which there is no one correct or blanket answer; at what age can you let your children walk to school alone? From that very first day when tear eyed parents as their children stroll in to pre-school to start their education years to the time when your child makes that first request to … Read More

Physical Surroundings and Positive School Climates

This week, more than 600,000 anxious parents and children waited around the country for news of their secondary schools allocation. With the papers reporting that one in six pupils will miss out on their first choice as the best schools become more and more sought after, it has been a tense time for everybody. So what makes a good school … Read More

Swings, roundabouts and… red tape…

It’s been a busy old week here at Canopies by Acer with everything from launching our first brand new product brochure to dealing with planning permission for canopy clients. We mention the latter because planning regulations are getting to be big a source of frustration for us. Just this week, a keen customer based the south of England who runs … Read More