Don’t let pick-ups drop off with our canopies and shelters!

It is one of those questions to which there is no one correct or blanket answer; at what age can you let your children walk to school alone? From that very first day when tear eyed parents as their children stroll in to pre-school to start their education years to the time when your child makes that first request to walk alone, it is often easy to wonder where the time went.

It goes without saying that it depends on a number of factors including your neighborhood, distance that you live from the school and other commitments such as work or other children. But on that fateful day when ‘street cred’ raises its head it is often a simple case of safety versus independence for most. Some parents believe that it is critical to foster independence and critical thinking from an early age and encourage their children to walk to school whilst others choose to collect their children until a later age depending upon their decisions and circumstances.

In the past year, Canopies by Acer has seen a rise in the number of entrance canopies and shelters structures requested by schools to provide a dry and comfortable place for parents to wait while they wait to pick up their children.

Providing parents with a dedicated canopy or shelter also encourages them to leave their cars at home, easing congestion, freeing up parking around the school and providing children with fresh air and exercise on their walk to school.

What’s more, it is widely recognised that the more involved parents are in their child’s education, the better the pupil performs at school and as schools look for ways to develop better strategies for reaching out to parents, our canopies and shelters provide the ideal solution. Our range can be fitted with fully lockable notice boards to provide fun and accessible messages and information while parents wait and even benches for even more comfort.

From affordable off the shelf canopies through to bespoke solutions that are designed to complement your building and facilities, our canopies and shelters combine both style and functionality.

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