Making (Hay) Canopies While the Sun Shines

Welcome to the second blog of June and before we get started we must apologise to all of our clients who rushed to have a sports shelter installed due to sheer World Cup Fever! There is always 2018 and you can use it for all sports!

But moving swiftly on, last Saturday was the June solstice, marking the longest day of the year and the astronomical start to summer in Earth’s northern hemisphere.

The event has been celebrated throughout the earth’s history as a symbolic turning point but for the Canopies by Acer team there was no time to spin at Stonehenge, do yoga in Trafalgar Square or even dance around a bonfire – as long periods of daylight present the perfect working conditions for our installation people.

From complex canopies and walkways in preparation for the coming winter months for the organised amongst us who are already dreading the first frost, to quick and affordable cycle structures and simple canopies that will protect buildings from the suns fading rays, we have been working hard to use all of this extra daylight to your advantage.

Canopies by Acer has extensive experience with Government, Commercial, and Education clients and our precision scheduling techniques provide added value and peace of mind.

Whatever your project requires, we can fulfil all of your scheduling needs while maintaining strict industry standards, contractual specifications and any specific compliance issues relating to you sector.

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