Start something wonderful…

For the sake of argument, let’s say that the national press reports are true – January is the month when single people firmly resolve to look for love.

It stands to reason then that anyone who has been day dreaming and doodling about romance and stars for the first few weeks of the year is going to want to look their best.

But imagine the scene, looking as pretty as a picture you step out for another day, hopeful that today might be that fateful day, only to be smacked firmly in the face with the best that our great country has to offer – sleet, snow and hail.

Ah the British winter has some great surprises but concocting recipes for true love does not seem to be high up in its list of priorities.

But never fear, Canopies by Acer’s range of covered walkways and canopies is here to save the day providing an affordable opportunity for people to mingle, socialise and stay dry.

Underneath an eye catching work of engineering art and material excellence who knows what could develop?  And with 15% off all of our canopies and covered walkways extended through 2014, we have plenty of love to go around.

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