Kill two birds with one stone…on two wheels

Last week the nation was urged to saddle up for the UK’s first National Cycle to Work day. The event, championed by Dame Sarah Storey aimed to increase the number of people who regularly cycle to work. According to the latest census data, 760,000 people in the UK cycle to work regularly – this number keeps growing steadily, but the … Read More

Improving Cycling to school

LOCAL BUSINESS SUPPORTS OVER 1,000 UK SCHOOLS TAKING PART IN THE BIG PEDAL 2013 A Liverpool business, Canopies by Acer, is supporting a national campaign to encourage school children to cycle to work. Delivered by charity Sustrans and funded by Bike Hub, the Big Pedal 2013 has seen thousands of families ditch the car and do the school run by … Read More

Cycling could save £1.6bn a year

The NHS could save more than £1 billion a year if the Government matched Dutch levels of spending on cycle provision, health experts have claimed. In the Netherlands, authorities spend €470 million (£401 million) a year on cycle lanes and facilities, compared with about £139 million spent in the UK, often sporadically. Senior transport officials from Manchester, London, Bristol, Edinburgh, … Read More

Cycle Safety

The Government has pledged to implement any innovative measures on cycle safety that emerge from a cross-party inquiry into cycling that was launched yesterday. A panel of ten MPs will examine proposals that could achieve the aim of The Times’s Cities Fit for Cycling campaign of encouraging more people to cycle — and to do so more safely. The MPs … Read More