Outdoor Classrooms: Bringing Education Outdoors

According to a recent study, most children would rather read, help with housework or even do their homework than play outside. The study, which was carried out by JCB Kids, revealed that 43% of parents think their children would rather watch television than play outdoors and a third claimed their kids would only be interested in going outside if it … Read More

Teen and Youth Shelters

Teen and youth shelters provide young people with a place to meet, chat and relax under cover. Whatever your budget, Canopies by Acer provide a great range of products to encourage positive communications and community relations. Available in a range of styles, sizes and colours the shelters are manufactured to be vandal resistant and are built to withstand the elements … Read More

Sustainable Schemes and Secure Storage

Liverpool’s new bike hire scheme was officially launched by Olympic Champion Chris Boardman this month. The bikes can be hired by businesses, tourists and members of the public to get round the city. As the 1992 cycling gold medalist launched the scheme, he told the local newspapers that the scheme is focusing on how we must change and travel as … Read More

Busier Than The Easter Bunny!

During the Easter holidays,  when most people were enjoying the bank holiday sunshine or watching vintage James Bond re-runs, the installation team at Canopies by Acer were as busy as the Easter Bunny. With precision project management, Canopies by Acer have become the first choice for schools and childcare providers looking for installations that minimise disruption to classes and teaching. … Read More

The Daily Juggle

It has been a long (and windy at times) Winter and with the weather finally getting warmer, the April school holidays are a great time for the whole family to get away for an extended Spring break. But for some working parents, the school holidays can also be a challenging balancing act. Many schools and education providers now offer extended … Read More

Short of space and feeling the squeeze?

It is the time of year when most schools start thinking about balancing the budget and planning finances for the next financial year. If like many, you are short of space and feeling the squeeze, our range of covered play spaces and outdoor classrooms can provide an alternative teaching environment that help to engage children without the need for building … Read More

Physical Surroundings and Positive School Climates

This week, more than 600,000 anxious parents and children waited around the country for news of their secondary schools allocation. With the papers reporting that one in six pupils will miss out on their first choice as the best schools become more and more sought after, it has been a tense time for everybody. So what makes a good school … Read More

A Generation of Ideas

We have all heard it. That saying about never working with children and animals, but we at Canopies by Acer disagree with that particular well known expression. From the very start, we actively promote user-centered design on all of our projects and with more and more schools and nurseries recognising the benefits of our products every day, helping our education … Read More

Play Time

Most children spend at least 2000 hours of their life in a school playground, probably more than in any other outdoor play setting. Despite this, many UK schools do little to create the kind of rich play environments and experiences that we know are important for children. In other parts of Europe, play is viewed as a crucial aspect of … Read More