Things are hotting up!

If you are not a fan of the hot and humid weather you will be glad to hear that temperatures are going to fall back a little over the next few days. But it is set to return soon and as people across the country battle to keep cool many have been looking to Canopies By Acer for solutions and creative ways to use the outside of business or education buildings whilst staying protected from the heat and harmful UV rays.

Enquiries on our selection of outdoor canopies has risen sharply due to the number of benefits that they offer including heat reduction, UV protection and protection from the suns glare. A canopy can also provide the creation of an outdoor living, working or leisure space at a fraction of the cost of an enclosed room.

From affordable off the shelf designs to custom made solutions, canopies also offer limitless potential for a building’s decor from colour to dimension and can event propel your marketing messages directly to your target audiences with signage and graphic elements designed to stand out.

As the economy continues to recover and heat up to match the weather, businesses including a number of restaurants and cafes are also looking to promote their messages and expand their space to accommodate customers during the hot weather and all year round. Tables and chairs under the cover of custom-made solutions from our engineering team can provide perfect outdoor eating, drinking and event smoking areas. So if you want to take things outside, call today to schedule a free site survey and in the meantime…is that a BBQ we can smell?