More activity less TV

By the age of seven, a child born today will have spent a full year glued to screens, according to Dr Aric Sigman. The average 10-year-old has at least five screens readily available to them at home, and over the course of childhood youngsters spend more time watching TV than they spend in school, he said. Limiting the amount of … Read More

Gold standard qualification

LABOUR wants to introduce a new “gold standard” qualification for non-academic young people as part of a major education shake-up that would see skills funding wrested away from Yorkshire councils and handed directly to private employers. Ed Miliband will use his annual party conference speech in Manchester this afternoon to unveil plans for a new ‘Tech-Bacc’ qualification for schools and … Read More

Free nursery education

The coalition’s £1bn flagship scheme to provide free nursery education for two-year-olds will be funded by raiding money currently earmarked for local authority Sure Start schemes, threatening the existence of hundreds of projects helping disadvantaged families, it has emerged On Tuesday, the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, announced £100m of one-off capital funding to enable nurseries to build extra capacity, … Read More

School’s with international links

Students today are living in truly exciting times. With a shrinking world and a global economy, they are destined to spend their adult lives communicating and working alongside colleagues across the world. Schools recognise the significance and benefits of teaming with a school from another country and forming strong international links. From learning about languages and food to getting to … Read More

Cycle Safety

The Government has pledged to implement any innovative measures on cycle safety that emerge from a cross-party inquiry into cycling that was launched yesterday. A panel of ten MPs will examine proposals that could achieve the aim of The Times’s Cities Fit for Cycling campaign of encouraging more people to cycle — and to do so more safely. The MPs … Read More

Goodbye to GCSEs

GCSEs are set to be axed in favour of a tougher English Baccalaureate Certificate in a radical shake up of the education system which will see retaking modules scrapped, coursework cut back and pupils sitting more rigorous end-of-year exams. The Government also plans to stop exam boards competing to deliver qualifications in the same subject which Michael Gove claimed has … Read More

Successful launch

Canopies by acer has had a successful launch, our first 3 months of business have flown by with the enquires and subsequent orders flooding in. Keep an eye on our news feed and face book for upcoming special offers on our range of standard shelters and bespoke canopies & walkways.