Pram Shelter Guide

The Carolina pram shelter is a full height shelter which will allow you to walk into the shelter with the pram. The standard shelter measures 2197mm in Width x 3870mm in Length x 2100 in Height, and can store up to 8 buggies; the shelter can be fitted with optional extras such as a pram rail, and can also be fitted with lockable gates for added security. The shelter can also be used by parents as a waiting shelter, keeping dry whilst they wait to collect their children.


The Carolina Mini pram shelter is perfect shelter for a nursery that need to keep to a budget, this low level shelter can be installed within 1 day. The standard unit measures 1600mm in Width x 4000mm in Length x 1300 in Height and can store up to 8 prams. The Carolina Mini pram shelter also has optional extras that can be fitted to your shelters such as pram rail, security gates, and vinyl stickers.

Carolina Mini

The Poplar Pram shelter is the largest buggy storage shelter that we fabricate. The large open front area makes the shelter ideal to store large amounts of prams and buggies, whether they are folded or unfolded, the standard shelter measures 2170mm in Width x 5000mm in Length x 2635mm in Height. The pram shelter can be fitted with optional extra pram rails and LED lighting. Due to its large storage capacity the Poplar can also be used as a parent waiting shelter, providing parents with a dry area to wait for their children.


Pram Shelter Guide

Pram shelters are becoming increasingly popular with nurseries, day care centres and other public buildings across the UK. Investing in a pram shelter will provide users with a safe and secure shelter to leave their pram during the day, Many parents drop their child off at a nursery and then have to take the pram with them until they return to collect their child, having the buggy shelter would eliminate that problem for the parent, and provide them with a safe and dry shelter to leave the pram. You may well be asking yourself do I need a pram shelter for my nursery/day care centre, well here are a few benefits you will gain from having a pram shelter or buggy shelter installed.

  • Keeps your customer prams safe and dry.
  • Can be used by parents as a waiting shelter.
  • Shelter can also store bikes & scooters.
  • Stops unwanted clutter of prams inside & outside your building.
  • Stops wet wheels from coming into your building.
  • Shows your customers you value their health & safety.
  • A promotional tool to attract new customers, to say you have a pram shelter to keep their prams safe and dry whilst their child is at your centre.


At Canopies by Acer we believe in providing the best quality material possible for all of our products, all of our pram shelters are fabricated from steel, due to its strength and longevity, in addition the steel can be galvanised, giving it further protection from the elements. All of our pram shelters are supplied powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.


The most important factors for your decision in purchasing a pram shelter will be the quality of the product, and let’s not forget the cost; it’s important that you always get the specification for the material the shelter will be built from and life expectancy of the shelter.

Pram Shelter styles

Pram shelters are designed with one function in mind; to store prams, though some pram shelters are designed to store prams & buggies once they are folded, some buggy shelters are designed for the pram to be rolled in and rolled out again. The type of pram shelter that you require will depend on the quantity of prams you want to store and the area you have available. We have a range of standard buggy shelters to suit your needs and we can also supply a complete bespoke design tailor made to suit your exact needs. Our pram shelters do not solely have to be used to store prams, the shelters can also be designed to incorporate scooters and bikes as well with additional racks, and our high level shelters can be used as a parent waiting shelter and be fitted with perch seats and LED lighting.


The next step will be to request some quotations for the various types of pram shelters, in order for you to browse through each one and see the pros and cons each shelter has, the prices, and if required the installation costs as well. It is important that you read through all the details of each quotation to make sure you are getting the shelter you require and most importantly the correct size. When you request a quote from Canopies by Acer we ensure our experienced sales team will talk you through the quotation process and gather all the information required to ensure your quotation meets your exact requirements, and most importantly keeps with in your budget.

The Final Steps

Once you have decided on the type of shelter that you want to purchase, you have a few more steps to follow before placing your order, we have put these simple steps together to ensure the purchase and installation of your shelter run as smoothly as possible.

  • Roofing Material – All of our pram shelters are supplied with a PET roof as standard. PET panels are used due to their UV properties and durability. PET panels come supplied 4mm thick as standard, but can be supplied in thicker panels if required; PET is a high impact resistant material and can be cut to almost any shape or size, it is also easily cleaned and maintained.
  • Planning Permission – Before progressing further your enquiry, we suggest that you check with the local council to see if you require planning permission for your shelter. Check with the council that there are no special requirements for the shelter, e.g. height, length or a particular colour.
  • Placing your Order – Once you are happy with the cost and design of your shelter, and you are ready to order your shelter with us, all that we require from yourselves is a purchase order; we will then send the required paper work to confirm all the details. We will also assign a dedicated project manager to keep you informed of every step of the process from start to finish.
  • Installation – Your Project Manager will plan your installation with you, confirm the schedule for the installation and book the site team and steel work to arrive. We will ensure we cause the least disruption on site as possible, and adhere to all Health & Safety guidelines whilst working on site.
  • Completion – Once your installation has been completed, the site team will clear the area of all debris and ensure the shelter and surrounding area has been cleaned down and hosed, they will then ask you to complete a sign off certificate for the installation.
  • Feedback – We love to hear from our customers, if we’ve lived up to your expectations great, we hope to see you again. If there has been a problem please let us know so we can resolve it and ensure you are happy with the finished project.