Bike Shelter Education Guide

What, why and how

What? Canopies by Acer present this bike shelter education guide as a support guide for teachers,

parents and pupils, who are interested in having a bike shelter installed at their school. This guide

will help you “to” decide which shelter would best suit your needs, and what to look for when choosing a cycle shelter for your school.

Why? Here at Canopies by Acer we feel that promoting health benefits to children of having a cycle shelter installed, such as improving children’s health, wellness and ability to learn; including support of healthy eating habits and physical activity. We have recently supported The Big pedal, which is an annual event, held each year across the whole of the UK to encourage school children to cycle to school, which in turn brings health benefits and improved confidence and independence.

Encouraging children and parents to cycle to school and leave the car at home is an important step to help improve children and adult health and just as important helping the environment, by not relying on cars so much. Routes to schools have improved vastly over the past few years and the only way for them to keep improving is for more people to cycle.

How & where? If you are looking invest into a cycle shelter for your school, here are a few things that you need to consider,

  • What budget do you have?
  • How many bikes will the shelter need to store?
  • The sized area is required for the bike shelter
  • Will I require planning permission (check with your local council?)
  • Is there any funding available to help (Call our office for more information?)
  • Who will use the cycle shelter
  • Would the shelter be used for multipurpose? i.e. Bikes, scooters, waiting shelter?
  • Security would the shelter be safe where it is getting installed

Cycle Shelter Knowledge, a little knowledge can go a long way, so here is some information on our cycle shelter products to help make your decision a little easier. All of our cycle shelter products are made from mild steel and are powder coated to a RAL (European standard) colour of your choice. Galvanising is advisable if you live in a coastal area, the shelter can be galvanised before being powder coated or the shelter can be left galvanised only. The PET sheets (clear plastic panels) that come with all of our shelters are UV stable, high impact resistant easily maintained. We suggest using a jet wash every few weeks to clean any dirt off the shelter, using soap and hot water is also an effective technique.

Choosing the most suitable area for your shelter to be installed is entirely down to you, but we suggest that you choose an area that can be seen by a staff member’s during the morning and at break times. Below is our range of bike shelters for you to browse over and see which style and size best suits your needs.


Carolina Cycle Shelter

  1. The standard Carolina cycle shelter is 2100mm in height by 2097mm in width and 3870mm in length and can be easily extended with additional bays, all steel work is polyester powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.
  2. Plastic sheet is high impact resistant and UV stable.
  3. Shelter can be fitted with different styles of cycle rack to be suit your needs, from cycle rack to scooter racks.
  4. The shelter can also be fitted with security gates and solar lighting. Helmet lockers can also be fitted with additional steel work.


Carolina Mini Cycle Shelter

  1. The Carolina Mini Cycle Shelter is 1250mm high by 1600mm wide and 3830mm long. It can be easily extended with additional bays. All steel work is powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.
  2. Plastic sheet is high impact resistant and UV stable.
  3. This low level shelter makes and ideal infant cycle shelter and can also be fitted with scooter racks and also be used to store prams as well.
  4. The shelter can be fitted with security gates for added security, the Carolina mini is the ideal shelter for people who need to keep to a budget, due to its low cost and ease of installation.


Carolina Cycle Compound

  1. The Carolina Compound storage capacity starts at 20 bikes and can be extended up to 200 by simply adding extension bays. All steel work is polyester powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.
  2. Plastic sheet is high impact resistant and UV stable.
  3. Compound comes supplied with 5 hoops cycle racks that store 10 bikes per rack. The compound can also be used to store scooters with additional racks.
  4. The compound can be fitted with security gates at both ends of the compound or have a fixed security panel at one end to allow access from one end of the compound only.

Installation of your shelter

We offer an installation service for all of our products, we will also conduct a free site survey before the installation of your shelter starts, to ensure that there are no underground services (Electrical cables, Drainage) in the area that the shelters will be going. We will also ensure that the shelter does not block doorways or windows. As mentioned earlier in the guide planning permission maybe required, we always advise that you call your local county council to check with them to see what steps maybe required before the shelter can be installed, they will usually ask for a CAD drawing of the shelter which we can provide.

Canopies by Acer will work with you every step of the way and assist where ever we can to ensure that ordering your shelter and the installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Information overload?

Well done on reaching the end of this guide and we hope you have found it useful and you are now an expert in the world of cycle shelters? If not, have no fear our expert sales team are only a phone call away, one of our sales members will happily talk you through any query you might have and ensure you have all of the information that you require call us on. 0844 335 0323