Carolina Mini Pram Shelter

Carolina Mini Pram Shelter

The Carolina Mini pram shelter is a popular choice with nurseries and day centres across the UK due to the affordability and quality, our buggy shelter comes in a standard length of 3830m and includes PET roof/rear panels as well as clear end panels, we also include an internal pram rail. The Carolina Mini buggy shelter provides parents with an ideal storage area for their prams and buggies, keeping them dry as well as allowing them to be stored safely and securely.

The pram shelter can be supplied in a linear run with additional bays which increase the length of the shelter, and most importantly the storage capacity; for added security the buggy shelter can be fitted with gates, these can be supplied as swing or sliding gates.  We can also offer a complete bespoke version of the Carolina  Mini pram Shelter that can be fabricated to suit the exact size that you require.

The Carolina Mini pram shelter is simple design but an effective one, if you require pram storage then the Carolina Mini pram is the correct choice.

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