Juniper Canopy

Juniper Canopy

The Juniper canopy is designed to be adaptable for a number of different applications and can be used to suit a variety of uses.

The canopy is fabricated using structural grade mild steel 100 x 100 box section, complete with 100 x 60 RHS purlins and 60 x 60 RHS trimmers.

The Juniper can be fitted with different styles of roof, which include mono pitch, mono curve, apex and full curve. The canopy can be supplied with the following finishing options; hot dipped galvanised, or galvanised and powder coated; it can also be clad with clear or opaque 5mm thick PET sheets (see website for more details), or plastisol coated profiled panels. The canopy also comes supplied with different options for guttering, as well as flashing to seal your structure to the wall.

The above canopy was fitted with a roller shutter on each of its exposed elevations, to allow the canopy to be used as an extra class room during the summer months and an additional storage area during the winter. The canopy was flashed to the building using fabricated aluminium flashing to ensure it was fully water proof.

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