Plastisol Roof Sheets

Corus Colorcoat HPS200® is the market leader offering unrivalled and guaranteed performance with even better colour and gloss retention. Its unique eco-designed formulation has a reduced environmental impact, providing a long-term sustainable building envelope offering. Colorcoat HPS200® is now available with Confidex Sustain™ offering the first Carbon Neutral building envelope in the world, measuring and offsetting its impact from cradle to grave i.e. manufacture through installation, use and end of life.

Colorcoat HPS200® benefits include a virtually unlimited colour choice with solid and metallic colours and the option of the Repertoire® colour matching service. Colorcoat HPS200® with the optimised Galvalloy® metallic coating offers ultimate corrosion resistance and cut edge corrosion. The product is maintenance free for up to 30 years. Indeed, the long-term performance of Colorcoat HPS200® has been recognised within BBA certificate 91/2717 as ‘coating and metal treatment will protect the steel substrate against corrosion for a period in excess of 40 years in normal industrial, urban, suburban and rural environments’.

In contrast most other BBA certified generic coating durability statements are up to 25 years.

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