PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

NudecPET® is an amorphous, solid plastic sheet, which can be manufactured in transparent, translucent or coloured form. It is made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), a thermoplastic polyester. This plastic is widely known from its use in food packaging (PET-soft drink bottles), as fibres used in clothing and as video- and audio- tape.

Process innovation has now made it possible to extrude this material into sheets of thickness between 1 to 8mm that combine good mechanicaland optical properties. The unique combination of properties of NudecPET® include excellent fire and impact resistance, compliance with FDA/BGA requirements for contact with foodstuffs, and the ability of any waste sheet to be used in existing recycling facilities for PET.


  • Excellent impact strength and rigidity.
  • Ultra-fast forming cycle times and good deep-draw behaviour with uniform wall thickness.
  • Suitable for external use; NudecPETuv® 10 year limited guarantee against weathering effects.
  • No sheet drying required prior to forming.
  • Wide service temperature range, (-20oC to +60oC).
  • Very good scratch and scuff resistance.
  • Can be cold formed into bends and hinges.
  • Inertness; excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, detergents, oil and greases, etc.
  • High resistance to stress cracking and crazing.
  • Suitable for food contact and medical applications (except UV stabilised products).
  • Suitable for gamma radiation sterilisation.

NudecPET® Performance

The weathering performance of NudecPET® is being continually monitored under natural weathering conditions, supported by the most technically sophisticated accelerated weathering tests but because of the variability of natural weather it is virtually impossible to correlate artificial weathering performance to that of natural weathering.

Nudec S.A. has commissioned accelerated weathering tests under closely controlled artificial conditions using modern equipment, and has also performed natural weathering tests in which the performance of NudecPET® has been accurately compared to that of other sheet materials. All accelerated tests should be performed according to the following International Standards:-

To avoid damaging the surface, do not remove the protective film.

  • NudecPET® should be stored and transported on stable, flat pallets. The size should be equivalent to -, or slightly larger than -, the sheets.
  • Sheets should be lifted and handled one at a time.
  • To prevent scratching, sheets should not be allowed to slide over each other during handling.
  • Sheets should be stored indoors and protected from direct sunlight (‘magnifying-glass effect’) and also from moisture.
  • In external applications, both protection film must be removed immediately because if they are exposed to sunlight, they can be permanently bonded to the sheet.
  • When storing in a vertical position, sheets should be supported to their full height.

Cleaning of PET

  • The sheets should be cleaned with a solution of warm water with a little neutral soap and rinsed with water employing a very soft sponge or chamois leather
  • Also it is possible to use a Mixture 1/1 Isopropyl alcohol / water

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