Hot Dip Galvanising

Galvanising is the process of applying zinc to mild steel to provide it with a strong and protective coating that lasts for 40 plus years. The end finish is resilient to aggressive handling, to provide a long lasting, tough and low maintenance coating. Importantly , galvanised coatings are also recyclable, giving the steel an almost continuous life span.

After the steel component has been cleaned and degreased to remove impurities, the materials are immersed in molten zinc at a temperature of 460°C until they reach the same high temperature as the zinc. This process causes a reaction of zinc with the iron in the steel to form layers of zinc-iron alloy. The product is then gradually withdrawn to allow excess zinc to drain off. The galvanised steel, which is now very hot is either left to cool in the air or immersed in a water bath.

The final effect can range from bright and shiny to a dull grey colour, the latter caused by steel containing silicon levels. It is possible for individual parts of a singular specific product to have those variances in colour.

The final galvanising finish can also show some pitting or excess material on the surface, this is caused by the escape of gases in the galvanising process, these variations in the final appearance do not effect the protection given.

The appearance of the finished galvanised coating will differ according to the chemical composition of the steel substrate being used, it is not possible before the manufacturing process to determine this substrate.  When the galvanised part is being painted, certain colours can hide or highlight these trait,.we would recommend a textured or matt paint, which in effect tones down any variances in the galvanising process.

However, the high level of protection afforded by our galvanising coatings remains the same, regardless of their outward colour : the process will safeguard mild steel against corrosion in an external UK environment for 40 plus years.

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