A change is as good as a canopy…

Sadly, when Canopies by Acer was first established many years ago, several members of the management team were not all too keen on taking holidays. As a new business becomes established and as teams grow it can be tempting to work long hours without breaks.

But we learnt the hard way after a few frazzled years and family members who were becoming frustrated, we came to understand that stepping away from the workplace even if it is for a short break at home though can improve productivity and help everybody to reflect stay focused on goals and build for future success.

Then surely the same applies to buildings? After all isn’t change the one thing that is certain. Technology, trends and laws shift constantly from the EU regulations, the smoking ban to the cycling renaissance in the UK. It is surely a good idea and cost effective to gradually change and upgrade your buildings and surroundings to match the outside world.

From nifty affordable cycling shelters to complex covered walkways, our off the shelf and bespoke installations can create space and reflect the changing tastes of you, your customers, pupils, and staff and help to bring about academic or business success.